Do you have an interest in school mental health? Have you been involved in school mental health in a leadership capacity? Consider joining SMHILE!

Benefits of Membership

Being a part of SMHILE can enhance your knowledge in critical areas in school mental health via knowledge exchange with your counterparts from around the globe. Members will have access to a private members only space on the SMHILE website that includes a membership directory, access to archived materials, and an on-line communication and collaboration space.

Membership Requirements

SMHILE members are expected to maintain an active membership (e.g., sign in to the SMHILE site at least every six months and maintain an updated profile)

SMHILE members need to approach participation from the stance of the stated values:

SMHILE is committed to:

* Sharing knowledge and co-creating resources

* Focused, goal-directed activities

* Mobilizing networks and activities

* Promoting research-informed strategies and practices

* Advancing effective implementation approaches

SMHILE members love learning! Even when this means taking risks, being open to using new technologies (e.g., web meetings), and sharing ideas that are not fully formed.

Join SMHILE now – it only takes a moment.