In March 2024, SMHILE members partnered with international colleagues to host the Holistic School Behavioral Health Seminar. Two sets of meetings were held, one focusing on the critical role of movement and motor development on youth health and mental health, and the second focusing more broadly on holistic school mental health.

Check out the presentations below to learn more about the content that was discussed at the seminar!

Anna Kubíčková and Lenka Felcmanová: Support of Somatosensoric Regulation at Schools

Dave Stodden: Advancing Mental Health with a Holistic developmental twist:​ What can we add?

Gavin Hazel: Task Shifting – Who has skin in the game?

Gerry Gioia: Contributions of Positive Executive Functions
& Self-Regulation to Holistic Development & Mental Health Promotion

Kathy Short: 5 Big Ideas in Post-Pandemic School Mental Health: Reflections for Dialogue

Rodrigo Lima: Bridging motor and mental health development promotion in schools: the opportunity of new technologies and methods

Rodrigo Lima: The Power of Lifestyle Interventions

Tal Dotan Ben Soussan: Mindful Movements as Classroom-based Physical Activity for Mental Health Development

Torill Larsen: Post-Pandemic Realities for Student Mental Health

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